Kuki attack continues

Our Correspondent
MOIRANG, Sep 18: Kuki militants attacked Tronglaobi and Terakhongsangbi last night.
They fired about 20 rounds from Tharoirok, Molshang, Maulngat and Gelmol at around 9.50 pm.
The volunteers guarding the Meitei villages fired back just two/three rounds.
Moreover, drones were seen flying over Ningthoukhong, Thinungei, Phubala, Sunusiphai, Naranseina, Thamnapokpi, Ngankhalawai, Moirang, Tronglaobi and Terakhonsangbi quite often during night.
After launching a sustained military offensive on May 3, Kuki militants have been opening fire toward Meitei villages of Bishnupur district from nearby Churachandpur district at will. Many Meitei villagers have been killed and injured in the Kuki militants’ offensive.
On the other hand, there were reports of a brief stand off between Kuki militants and Central security forces at Torbung after the Kuki militants opened fire from Zillanphai village of Chura-chandpur district last night.