Unity-need of the hour


Laishram Devakumar Singh
The conflict between the Meities and Kukis has been spiraling with little hope of coming near a conclusion. Meiteis, allegedly majority community has been acting as vanguard for safeguarding the territorial integrityof the State. Is it not the time for the other indigenous communities to think and join hands for the common cause ? The delay in the decision making will cause crisis in future for other communities too. Remember ! Remember ! Remember ! By the time when the community in the State realizes, it would be reasonably very late because it would be a time when all indigenous communities would be engulfed within the fire of the Kuki Narco-terrorists one after another bit by bit. Be light unto you. So that thou shall not vanish from the soil of your ancestors. Retrospect into the history of your land and try to find a way to bridge the emotional and physical gap and restore the spirit of kinship and brotherhood so that we stand strong and formidable and no force in this world would dare to challenge us. Stop thinking about Constitutional categorization, just introspect how we, as a family live together on the ranges of the hills and mountains of land as a single unit. Give up all post-colonial concept and terminologies instead come together as a family who always helped family members at the time of crisis.
It is better to remember that the divided community can never cherish a bright future.Think about the Balkan States, what happened to those States. And remember the main players behind the Balkan States which led to their destruction and pauperism. It’d be better to understand the divisive policy which is thrown upon us. It’s time to subsume all ideological differences and stand as one strong unit which will give a strong message to those who dare to challenge our very existence. When you do  not exist, where does the question of your community existence lie. Let’s try to learn from Dr Sun Yat Sen who sacrificed the leadership of China to General Yuan Shikai for the National unity of China. It’d better choose the one ablest of the ablest who can lead our society under one broad umbrella. How to destroy our enemies with or without fighting ? The ways through which the community could defend itself is staying calm and not allowing enemies see the community upset. The main thing enemies want is to get reaction from their target. Let’s not give them the satisfaction. Let enemies know that they are no match for us. Let’s look and observe every movement of the enemies which is very crucial in the very existence of the community. This psychological tactic can be very disarming. Next time enemies try to push the community around, the best thing is to make and hold them with synchronised and well-coordinated manner.  It will make the position of the people and State strong and confident. Which might be enough to throw them off their stride. Plus, they’ll be forced to really see us and maybe think twice about being so unkind. It’s time to team up with some trusted allies. Dealing with an enemy alone can be difficult. As “Sun Tzu” famously pointed out you’re much more likely to defeat an opponent if you outnumber them. If your enemy sees that you have a bunch of other people in your corner, they’re more likely to back down and leave you alone. On the other hand, a true enemy will hate to see you happy and successful, which means that living your best is the way to defeat them.
All intellectuals, scholars and well-wishers of Manipur should be able to see the strategic movements initiated by some elements in the established agencies in the name of saving human life to make the possible clandestine agenda of the Kuki community realize. History is the clear example from which all the indigenous people in Manipur need to learn. One community alone is not strong enough though there is notion that they alone can face any eventuality. They should not forget that next will be their turn when Meiteis are wiped out of the soil of their ancestral land. Do not expect the existence of others. It will surely vanish into thin air. Remember, how Nazi Germany cleansed all Jews, Gypsys, Poles, Russians, Non-Nordic Aryans. It’s time to contribute your own bit by extending helping hand in bringing the present crisis into its final fruitful solution. Everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender,race,and language affiliations must contribute to building an iron dome which would enable in thwarting evil designs of shrewd radicals who are in helm of power. If community fails to understand the ploy of trapping swamp of locusts, the end will be very disappointing and suicidal. Think! why is the violence continuing though sporadic in nature. Are we waiting for an apocalypse ? Will not it be an act of humanity to reconcile the differences and move ahead for the peace, progress, and prosperity of our dear motherland.
At the same time, it is very crucial for the political leaders of the State to come clean for the cause of the society. They must not remain as stooge in the hands of their respective party. It is high time for them to think that their very existence depends on the people and community. When the existence of the community is on the brink of extinction, how can they expect their continuation. Please enlighten yourself and come out with the intention of Nation first attitude and rest of your individual concern later. It is the duty of the State to maintain law and order in the State and check anti-people elements who have been trying to tarnish the image of sincere efforts of the village volunteers and those in the frontline. This is what everyone has been hearing since the start of this crisis. Awake, Arise and Act and oppose tooth and nail every move that’s evident to the disintegration of our land which is left for the future generation of the land by the great fortitude of our great patriots. The only way to pay homage and eulogy to them is to keep the land which is handed over to us by shedding their blood thinking that our great grandsons will keep the land intact and live up to our expectation.
Here, I can recall the speech of Mahatma Gandhi in the opening ceremony of the Benaras Hindu University where he reminded those bedecked noblemen that the trouble and issues Indians were facing at that time cannot be redressed without the cooperation of the millions of poor Indians. He asked them to shed their wealth for the cause of the poor and downtrodden. Those elitist groups in the State must have the courage to shed little part of their wealth for people who have been struggling to secure the lives of the people and community. The struggle is meant for everyone who lives in the State. Wake up from your slumber and be pro-active and join hands in saving the motherland. If the whole community stand with firm footing under an able leader together, the whole situation will turn into the favour of the community.