N Shimray explains pivotal role of Naga army

Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, Jan 11: NSCN-IM’s Naga army chief general Ningkhan Shimray today said that the pivotal role of the Naga Army is not to exploit the deficiencies within the Naga National movement or its leadership but to serve a noble cause.
“Instead, our purpose resonates in rectifying errors and wholeheartedly backing the Naga National policies, a hallmark of a genuine revolutionary army. We, as the Naga army, embody the spirit of a sacrificial offering, willingly volunteering to serve the noble cause of our National interests until our very last breath”, he added.
General Ningkhan Shimray said this while addressing a gathering on the Naga Army Day at their general headquarters, Hebron off Dimapur.
He said the occasion “symbolizes the essence of existence: as a revolutionary army, we stand as torchbearers of political conscious- ness, warriors for Christ, steadfastly championing the noble cause that resonates at the core of our collective aspirations, striving for a future steeped in justice and righteousness”.
The Naga Army chief further said, “Today, as we pay homage to the martyred Naga army, we stand on the unwavering commitment they made, sacrificing their tomorrows for our brighter tomorrow under the sovereign Nation of the Nagas”.
General Ningkhan then said they staunchly advocate for “our rights and the establishment of the kingdom of God. Ours is a movement rooted in the pursuit of freedom and a tireless struggle”.
The chief of the Naga Army further said, “While we possess guns for self-defence, we recognize that these weapons do not define our strategy or shape our future. Instead, our trajectory hinges on political guidance, counsel, and advice from our esteemed party leaders, illuminating the path toward our destined destination. As dedicated soldiers aligned with a political party, our unwavering commitment resides in faithfully following the directives. Our unity thrives on the noble vision of Nagalim for Christ and the larger interests of the National party”.
He also said that every action, strategy, or initiative “we undertake remains firmly rooted in the fundamental principles of our party”.
Any endeavour straying from these principles mirrors an attempt to grasp power through force- an approach antithetical to “our ethos,” he added.
The Naga Army chief also said that in their collective consciousness, nobody supersedes the sanctity of the Nation and the law-known as "Azha"- nor stands beyond the bounds of the Constitution, termed "Yezhabo".
He also said the moment “we falter” in upholding these foundational principles, “we regress” into a lawless, reactionary entity.