A New Year, A New Dawn

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Amid deserted roads and markets stand,
Bandhs and curfews, lifelines blocked at hand.
Colossal walls rise between groups,
Whose hearts were once aligned in a merry symphony.                 
Mindless violence, unending rows, terrifying chaos in our homeland confined.

Laments of displaced souls echo through the air,
Hatred and distrust, a burden hard to bear.
Arson, burning, abductions, terror's reign,
Senseless brutality causing endless pain.

Pleading, praying for peace and justice's light,
We leave behind a year of darkness and long nights. We sail into the New Year, seeking hope's release,
Yet gray skies still shroud us,
And peace seems but an obsolete word!

In this societal turmoil, where can we find rest?
What New Year's resolution could heal this unrest?
Every sensible mind yearns for a humane way,
A meaningful dialogue for the "Apple of discord"
Where hearts and minds can sway.

Peace and normalcy, a dream we long to see,
Displaced souls returning home, tormented spirits set free.

The journey ahead is challenging, it's true!
But a new beginning has dawned, with hope anew.
An awakening from a brutal nightmare's hold,
It's time to act, yes to be bold and kind.

For we will reap what we sow today,
With people's power, hope will be our catalyst.
Let us step into an era free from strife,
Let organizations unite, bringing purpose to life.

Let the walls between us crumble and fall ,
Let love and compassion sway gently,
Leaders with hearts of wisdom, minds of grace,
Guiding with empathy, uniting every space.

For there's no glory in war, a truth we must embrace,
Misery, the only laurel and death's destructive chase.
It shatters not just our land, but our close-knitted souls as well,
Leaving mangled pieces,
And stories are too “painful to tell.“