Meitei Alliance endorses Kangla congregation

IMPHAL, Jan 25: The Meitei Alliance has endorsed the resolutions adopted at the Kangla congregation on January 24, 2024 and signed by 37 Members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and two Members of Parliament.
The resolutions include urging the Government of India to (1) Update the National Register of Citizens, (2) Abrogate the Suspension of Operations with Kuki militant organizations, (3) Construct fencing along the Indo-Myanmar international borders, (4) Remove the names of Kuki illegal immigrants from the Scheduled Tribes list of Manipur, (5) Replace Assam Rifles with other Central Security Forces, etc.
The resolutions were adopted at the congregation organized under the initiative of the Arambai Tenggol at the lawn of the Kangla Uttra inside the Kangla Fort at Imphal.
The choice of the venue, the composition of participants, and the contents of the resolutions are remarkable, the Meitei Alliance remarked in a statement.
First, the congregation at Kangla signifies the latent rejuvenation of the pre-colonial socio-political values attributed to Kangla as the centre of power of indigenous governance, which ceased to be functional ever since the British invasion in 1891.
Second, the congregation of the elected representatives across parties and Arambai Tenggol leaders, and the support shown by various other organizations is an unprecedented event marked by placing patriotism, nationalism, and collective will above all other loyalties.
Third, the contents of the resolutions exemplify a higher level of political maturity and commitment to address the common grievances of the indigenous people of Manipur, it said.
“Meitei Alliance strongly feels that the above demands are timely, lawful, and democratic. Most of these demands align with the reported decisions or measures adopted by the Government of India to address the larger agenda of India’s security,” it remarked.
The resolutions are timely reminders towards helping the Government urgently come up with concrete action plans in Manipur to immediately restore peace, overcome war hysteria, recover from wounded psyche and rebuild the people’s trust in good governance, it added.