Rebuttal for news article titled ‘Six steps Union Government needs to take for ensuring Manipur’s return to normalcy

This is with respect to the article titled “Six Steps Union Government Needs to Take for Ensuring Manipur’s Return to Normalcy”, published in your newspaper on 25 Jan 24.
The article has presented the opinions that:
(a) ‘This paramilitary force has not been able to prevent infiltration of thousands of people of Chin-Kuki-Zo ethnicity from entering Manipur from Myanmar.’  
(b) ‘The Assam Rifles has also been unable to stop members of Kuki militant outfits operating in Myanmar from entering Manipur, and also arms and drug smuggling from Myanmar.’
The statement made against Assam Rifles appears to be based on unsubstantiated claims and lacks concrete evidence. No official data on the number of Chin refugees or Kuki militants entering India through the Manipur border has been produced in the article, indicating a dearth of factual support for the argument. The fact remains that the official data does not corroborate at all with the claims of this article.  
The accusation of the Assam Rifles failing in its mandate is presented without providing any specific instance or evidence of such illusory failures.
Overall, the shallow opinions in the article present a prejudiced perspective with a mischievous intent to disseminate jaundiced opinions that can be inflammatory, contribute to a divisive narrative and could potentially disrupt peace.
Without evidence, the statements must be seen as an attempt to create a negative narrative which unravels the credibility of the argument.
You are requested to adhere to responsible journalism & the principle of accuracy & fairness.
Yours faithfully
Staff Officer (Public Relations & Media) of IGAR (South)