To Our Fallen Village Volunteers

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Oh, Our brave young frontline warriors !
Now that you have left all of us halfway,
Tears are our only farewell offerings
Even though you are no more,
Your sacrifice will live on,
You led us to a new dawn,
We reaped peace as you faced war,
Got better lives as you gave up yours,
You fought valiantly till your last breath,
You brightened up our homeland!
You gave your young lives
So we could live  in liberty and tranquility.
You shielded us from the terrorists' lurking
And we shall not forget your sacrifice
In our hearts, we hold you highly
In our minds, we think of you daily
For not everyone can do what you did
An epitome of love and selfless charity
Know that you are the pride of our homeland,
And for every fallen soldier out there,
Your life will forever be cherished
We shall have you in our hearts,
In every step we make hereafter.
Because you sacrificed your priceless lives
So that your fellow men could live on…
Your patriotism is admired by all of us
We will sing songs for your bravery
We also will tell our kids of your valour
And we forever pray to God
That your reward be made great
And your sacrifice never go in vain
For each life that you saved
May He grant more glory to your crown
And for the peace we enjoy
May He grant more to your family
But in our heart your souls forever live.