Ramji’s consecration may calm us

Free Thinker
We have Ram Singh, Ram Muivah, Ram Chander,  Ram Balram, Ram Thanga, Ram Rahim, ZoRam , Ram Kabir,  Ram Gurung, Ram Baite, Rambam, Ramlup ,  Ramboi, Ram Sam , Ramvalte, Ramchoron, Rampal, Rampaul , Ram Baite, Ram Khadrak  Ram Chander, Ram Lun, Ram Rahim, Ramsevak, Ramkanta,  Ram Nazar , Rambhakta, Rambam, Rambai and still we having problems. Greed and over-ambition play havoc.
The return of Ram ji to Ayodhya after five centuries is a red letter day and we hope that it shall bring peace in the world particularly in Manipur . Ram ji was not only the avatar of Vishnu ji (for the believers) but ‘He’ was also the representation of a perfect man (for the followers) . That is why he is always remembered by all devotees as the Maryada Purushotam Ram.
Maryada Purushottam Ram stands for justice. He is a man of integrity, bravery, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness, dedication, unblemished character, empathy for all and  also he is an embodiment  of chivalry and virtue. Believers say ‘He’ was the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. His Hanumanji (immortal) is the energy form of Shiv ji.
Since the day of consecration (22 Jan 2023 ) people of all walks of life have visited the Ram Mandir for a darshan of the newly installed Ram Lalla,carved out from a 3 billion year old rock from Gujjegowdanapura  , Mysuru, Karnataka..Every day lacs of pilgrims have come to Ayodhya for a darshan of Ramji.
Manipur is such a wonderful place where beautiful people consisting of many exotic ethnic groups reside together for many  years. But the tragedy is that a handful of people have been consistently trying to break the land as well as the people on the basis of   ethnicity, dialects, sub-culture and belief system. They often play with the emotions and sentiments of the people. Masses are so easily swayed away by these disgruntled elements through money and muscle power.
This land so called Manipur is an ancient land. Whether you believe it or not the rocks in the hills  are millions of years old. Of course the valley is relatively new. The soil of the valley is only a few thousand years old. State formation occurred in the first century AD in the valley. The continuance of that State is the will of the majority people.
Though  a few Shankaracharyas are unhappy about  the consecration because of their own reasons. Whole Bharat  is rejoicing and Praying. People were so eagerly waiting for  such a grand  ritual for many many years. It is amazing the next day after the consecration 5 lac devotees came up for darshan.
 We all believe that after this sacred ceremony there will be peace and harmony  among the people of Manipur.  In the hills as well as in the valley people desperately need calm and security. People are ready for peace – leaders are not – this is not done.
Only a few masterminds are doing dirty politics. They are the enemy of the masses. It is high time that we all understand the game which is being played out with the blood and sweat of innocent people. They are hungry for power and influence. People simply want a  peaceful life.
Whether BJP runs the Government or not one thing is certain - this sub-continent called Bharat shall remain with the Hindu way of life . Hindu way of life, as I perceived is the most liberal way of living   –  you  can  worship, drink, eat, smoke, sleep , fast, walk, dream, die in the way you want.  You don’t believe in God – that is not a problem. You doubt the existence of God – that is also fine. Hindu way of life propagates the most liberal existence in the world ( cow & caste are weaknesses ).  
What is happening in Manipur is very unfortunate. We are killing one another . Still we are threatening or intimidating one another . What is the solution? It seems no one is interested in finding a solution. If we continue like this  , it appears we are doomed.
Believers believe that good sense shall prevail upon our leaders (armed or unarmed, over-ground or underground) on all sides – let us give a chance to peace, once again let us try to live together.  Let us together ponder for the future. Our children should not suffer because of our follies. It is madness to continue the madness.
Please leave the arms and come forward for dialogue and let us talk and find a way out. Dividing the State, or breaking the people is no solution – solution lies within. No outsider or Centre can solve our problems. Only we can – fear, ego and stubbornness must be set aside. I strongly believe we can still have an amicable compromise through dialogues.
Even after 9 months if we still indulge in violence and bloodshed,  Vanar sena may arrive any time for the rescue of innocent people who are under the spell of Ravans.  Mind you Ram ji can’t be allured by the Golden Triangle money.
Hope the pure consecration will calm down everyone. Let’s open all channels of communication at all levels and start talking. Hanumanji is waiting to help us.