When will there be recruitment for Library professionals ?

I am writing as an unemployed youth and, most importantly, a concerned citizen of Sanaleipak. Through this esteemed paper, I express my concern over the sad cause and effect of increasing non-employment in our State. This is one of the most serious problems in Manipur, which is not a natural calamity but a man-made disaster.
However, I appreciate the Government’s steps in trying to solve the State’s unemployment problems by opening the gate of employment in various Government Departments of Manipur. This comes as a great relief to this otherwise disturbed State.
Better late than never, the Government is trying very hard to mend the holes in the sinking ship through the recruitment process. Indeed, it is a very welcoming and commendable part of the present Government under able leadership to utilize the potential of the youths of Manipur.
May the Government also succeed in doing so. However, the current Government has failed to look into one serious matter that has completely marred the face of the present Government.
The actual objective that has compelled me to write this letter is my curiosity regarding the non-recruitment of Assistant Librarian, Librarian, or any other Library Professional post in school and college libraries for more than 25 years,
Whereas other States like Assam, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, West Bengal etc. are recruiting every year for College Librarian, Higher Secondary School Librarian, Diet College Librarian, District Library Librarian, State Central Library Librarian etc. through competitive exam (Public Services Commission).
Whereas in our State called Manipur, there was no recruitment for more than 25 years, there has been no open recruitment for the said.
Hence, the citizens of Sanaleipak the unemployment youth of Library Professional are curious to know when the recruitment will take place? And request the authority to look into the matter, and address the concern of unemployment youth of Library Professional of Sanaleipak. As per the survey conducted and the result of the survey, 70% of the Govt College Librarian are un-trained professional or not meet the essential  qualification.
Whereas as per the UGC Rules for the post of Assistant Librarian and Librarian of the College Library needs to be a Master’s Degree in the subject of Library and Information Science with NET, or PhD as a minimum qualification.
As every intellectual person knows, Library is one of the most important institutions for every citizen, child, youth, old age, etc., and the Library is the backbone of educational institutions, but the present Government has failed to look into the matter.
The Library professionals are eagerly waiting for recruitment in Govt. college library, but when and where only Government authority knows.