VS Atem takes charge

Newmai News Network
DIMAPUR, Jan 8: Following an order issued by Q. Tuccu, Chairman of the NSCN-IM whereby Lt General (retired) VS Atem was appointed as Deputy Ato Kilonser (Deputy Prime Minister of the organization) of the GPRN, an oath taking ceremony was held today at Wungram Baptist Church, Dimapur, a statement from the NSCN-IM said today.
The oath of allegiance and secrecy was administered by Q Tuccu, Chairman of the NSCN-IM.
Meanwhile, the United Naga Council (UNC) has congratulated Lt Gen (retired) VS Atem on being elevated to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the GPRN to further strengthen the administrative functioning of the ‘government’.
"Nagas’ struggle to determine their own future is once again rest assured and is sanguine of playing a pivotal role in his capacity as the Deputy Ato Kilonser (Deputy Prime Minister) in the process of emancipating the Nagas from the occupational forces," the UNC also said.
While appreciating the "timely" move of the Ato Kilonser (Prime Minister), the Yaruiwo (Chairman) and the collective leadership for exercising their collective wisdom, the UNC once again reiterated its fullest support and co-operation to the leadership in achieving the aspiration of the Nagas.