CM responsible for eroding prestige of legislators : Ranjit MLA inspects state of dam at Molbem village


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 11 : Strongly going on the offensive, Sugnu Constituency MLA K Ranjit has stated that legislators in Manipur don't have any prestige now due to the misgovernance by Chief Minister N Biren Singh.
He made the remark while inspecting the condition of the dam at Molbem Village under Chakpikarong Sub-Division of Chandel district yesterday.
Reportedly, all the expenditure of the dam construction was borne by K Ranjit to provide water for irrigation to the farmers of Serou and Sugnu.
Speaking to the media on the sideline, the senior Congress leader continued that people now see the MLAs in the wrong light but the larger fault lies with N Biren Singh who is unable to work out a solution to the protracted crisis despite being the leader of the State Government.
Saying that the Chief Minister seems like a narrow minded person, K Ranjit maintained that the large-scale violence in Manipur could have been averted had the State Government taken up necessary action on time.
It was only some villages which were attacked by Kukis in the  initial stage of the conflict and the Government could have taken up adequate security measures at the vulnerable areas to stop the violence, the Congress MLA elaborated.
Claiming that the Chief Minister didn't even respond when the Opposition dialled him to talk about the conflict, K Ranjit said that N Biren Singh, as a leader of the Government, should at least pick up his phone irrespective of his political affiliation.
He stated that he is ashamed and no longer wants to dial the Chief Minister given the attitude he had shown.
The Chief Minister didn't discuss the situation in vulnerable areas with their respective MLAs, K Ranjit rued and added that all legislators have been disgraced and dishonoured by N Biren.
The Congress leader said that he nonetheless will raise the matter of resettlement of displaced people and other issues pertaining to Manipur violence in the upcoming session of State Assembly.
Meanwhile, K Ranjit said that about 1,000 Central and State security personnel have been deployed in Sugnu and Serou areas and the displaced people from the areas have started returning.
Saying that the dam constructed across Chakpi River has been providing uninterrupted water for irrigation to Meiteis, Nepalis, Bengalis and people of other communities residing in Serou, Sugnu  areas and its adjacent villages, K Ranjit continued that he is trying to build another pucca dam across Chakpi River.
He further stated that effort is underway to resume agricultural activities in the areas as soon as possible.
Saying that a peace committee was formed in Sugnu and Serou areas on May 4 one day the violence broke out with different community leaders as members, he added that Sugnu and Serou areas were unaffected by the violence till May 27.
Continuing that he requested the Government to deploy four companies of security forces at Sugnu areas but the Government sent only two, K Ranjit maintained that it was impossible for only two companies of security forces to monitor the law and order situation in the vast Sugnu areas and thus the violence hit the Constituency on May 28.
Kuki militants attacked Sugnu and Serou areas in the midnight of May 28, resulting in the deaths of many villagers, he recounted and added that so many precious lives could have been saved and properties safeguarded had the Chief Minister sent adequate security forces in the areas.
Maintaining that several displaced people from Sugnu and adjacent villages went to Chief Minister's Secretariat in four buses to discuss their resettlement on the invitation of the Government, K Ranjit added that the Government provided dummy cheques to only eight people from among the displaced people unfortunately.    
No persons from Sugnu and Serou areas have received any funding from the Government for their rehabilitation and resettlement though some have returned from the relief camps, he said while urging the Government to release the fund.