The Last Smile of our Fallen Comrade

Dr Ranbir Laishram
At the foothills of our crumbling homeland,
At the conflict buffer zone
All through the long day,
Bullets are flying in the air,
Macabre bombs blown, like play toys
While villagers were lying low
You still braved.
Like a ferocious lion on the prowl
Not scared of its foe,
Or shaken by their dark tactics
Never did you put your heads down
Even amidst the ceaseless gunfire.

Cornered by the merciless enemy
Your last desperate voice call -
“I am exhausted of bullets”
Facing the certain death,
your face was up and lit
And you smiled,looking unto the enemy
And yet,death never did spare you
And there you slipped away into the other world
Laying down your life for our motherland.
Leaving your loved ones behind,
Serving the sovereignty and the people…

A brave young warrior, you are !
A loyal guardsman of our freedom
A gallant fight against the beastly terrorist !
We salute your last smile,
Your indomitable will, your courage, a rare gem
Shall always be in our hearts...
Rest in peace our beloved comrade.
May heaven grant you the shiniest crown...