May 3 violence

Rahul Khangembam
Scentless flowers,
Where narco money produce,
Where countless refugees cross illegally
Through porous border.

The violence on May 3
Where religion was brought into play,
Nine months have passed, and now how many more?

People’s questions all day long?
When will this end?
When will we go back home?

Deaths toll is increasing,
Love ones are crying,
Many fled to save their lives,
Many are still missing,
Many were killed.
In the violence of May 3.

How long will you listen?
How long will you be watching?

Cry of Meitei women,
Innocent eyes of  Linthoinganbi,
Murder of four woodcutters,
Last smile of  Somenkumar’s
Saying that “run out of bullets”

Enough is enough
Now is the time to unite,
To end this violence,
Or prepare for civil war?

My only prayer is to God,
To restore peace in Kangleipak
The land of Jewel.