The Ethnic Strife - The Cost of Deafening Silence

Dr Ranbir Laishram  
They say that silence is golden !
But what if it comes at a cost ?
The reality of the ethnic strife in 'Kangleipak'
The humanitarian crisis,can anybody ignore it?
Untold miseries of the displaced persons,
Flattened villages,loss of precious lives
Hard-earned assets reduced into nothingness!
An apocalypse, the exodus...
Can any amount of compensation recoup
The price of ignoring the actuality ?
Maybe too high ...

The spark of the ethnic strife
Insignificant it was, initially
It spread far and wide
To every corner of our homeland
None checking the flame of hatred
The devastation,ignored by able leaders
What if the price of silence
Is the lives of those who are lost?
Whatsoever the complexity
The price is too high to justify

Oh,autocratic leaders !
What does your complacency mean ?
Is it wisdom or an act of folly ?
Just sit down for a while,
Spare a few moments of your life
Introspect and retrospect your doings
Ask yourself one simple question !
Are you doing justice to your people ?
Are you doing justice to your conscience ?
The crimes against humanity
The wilful deafening silence
Kept ignored consistently
That allows the fuel of enmity
To burn for such a long time
Will the Almighty God ever forgive you?
For destructive silence is nothing but a felony