O, Martyrs, Martyrs

Irengbam Bijenti
Springtime has returned, nights and days smiling,oh Summer;
The laments of the nightingales have became louder;
And now the world is made of humiliation, despair and pain;
The breeze is like a poem sung by the Loktak Lake;
And its beautiful water,it’s inviting us to party on the lake;
How to tell between laughter and anger?
The night is dark, only bullets are whizzing over the hill,
Only wind rumbles in the wires, and faded stars twinkle;
The homeland of our soldiers.
Whose blood shed for their Motherland,
That will never forgot the people;
Let’s crush the mad oppressors
And save our mighty land,
Arise for Sacred War
To crush the evil narco-terrorist,
Unite and drive them back.
O,Martyrs Martyrs,
Time to get out of the grave!
In Koutruk, Kadangband, Leimakhong,Serou,
And those in Khamenlok on June 13;
And those who were shot down in Kangchup Chingkhong,
You are our great roots under the ground;
You sleep in red blood.O,Martyrs, Martyrs,
While you are asleep deep in the ground
They called the enemy,
We’re sold out, wake up!
Get up and wake us up!
Wake us up!