The invincible sons of Kangleipak

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Miles away from your humble abodes,
Miles away from your loved ones,
You dwell in the scary thickets
And keep a night-long vigil
At the foothill conflict zone of 'Kangleipak'
Against the ruthless terrorists
To safeguard our homeland
Wearing heavy helmets and armour
You remain awake all through the night,
In open makeshift bunkers
Amid the dreadful sounds of gunshots and bombs, so uncanny !

Through a journey full of uncertainty,
You fearlessly venture into the mission
Despite knowing, it may be your life's last journey
Even then, you never retreat.
With a strong mind and conviction
You guard and protect our lives..
Guns are your best companion
Ammunition your constant hope
You stand side by side with death itself
To reassure our future
You give your lives today for our tomorrow…

Oh, our brave sons of the soil !!!,
With heads held high you march forwards
Darting through the thick forests,
Enduring harsh chilling cold weather
Come sun, come rain!
Bullets flying from all sides,
Bombs exploding over your heads.
The kind of music you get used to,
Casualties here, fatalities there,
You died fighting at your best

But,through my mind, a million questions runs!!
Why our young blood are fighting for us daily?
Whereas the armed forces are silent onlookers
Are they holidaying at our foothills ??
Whose responsibility is this to safeguard our boundaries ?
It hurts to see that some of you are gone too early
A mother's cry,a family's loss, a homeland's loss
Will the price you paid be remembered well ?
Will your family know a homeland's gratitude?
For the devotion to duty you did so bravely show
Your memory will live on though you be gone
May your honor and respect be aptly shown.