As Time Ticks Away

Dr Ranbir Laishram
In life's journey, as time flies by,
Closer we come to saying goodbye.
Leaving behind our history vast,
As our future dims, it's fading fast.

Our lives, once filled with memories grand,
Now more about the past, less about the present.
Sharing our stories with those we hold dear,
Moments cherished, drawing near.

Growing old brings solace, a gentle grace,
Understanding our purpose, finding our place.
Seeking peace as health becomes dearer,
Wealth and possession meaningless, as we draw near.

Forgive the wrongs, cherish the right,
Love deeply, with all your might.
Helping those in need, lending a hand,
Leaving behind kindness, across the land.

At life's end, what truly remains immortal ?
Wisdom gathered, amidst life's gains.
Being humane, our lasting fame,
In hearts and souls, our gentle flame.