Cease the strife

Dr Soubam Sophiarani
A place where love once bloomed,
A sanctuary of care, now marred,
Burdened by conflicts, hope jarred.
Leaving despair in a community once groomed.

When leaders turn a blind eye,
Bullets rain, houses burn, people sigh.
Innocents suffer, anguish runs high,
A sacrifice for the motherland, they imply.

To foster growth, let anger dissipate,
choose the pen, not the blade
With collective grace, let's resonate,
A symphony of unity to celebrate.

The roots of issues, veiled in mist,
Open minds and ears, solutions assured.
Avoiding blame, judgments dismissed,
Seek genuine peace, clenached fists missed.

Under the same sun we stand,
Craving a life where shadows disband.
Join hands, let conflict be banned,
Restore the love, let unity expand.

Ignite a perpetual flame, hope's sail.
Disparities aside, let unity prevail,
Together, efforts shall never fail,
Illuminate the community, a hopeful tale.