Into the lap of nature : Udupi


Urmila Chanam
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The principle is reduced portions, low carbohydrates diet, different varieties of millets, lots of fruits and vegetables, either raw or partially cooked, little or no oil used in cooking and the way the meals are spaced out with the last meal getting over before 7 pm.
Detoxification therapy uses the purifying properties of various fruits, vegetables and herbal juices to clean the body of unwanted and accumulated toxins which are a result of unhealthy lifestyle. The diet therapy aims to bring in dietary modification depending on the patient’s ailment. On an average patients lose 4-5 kgs weight in a 10-day period at S.D.M Hospital as an outcome of the rigorous diet, detoxification and yoga therapy.
However, the best practice is how sustainability of the learnings on diet and life style modification is ensured through regular counselling by the doctors, and on discharge as discharge summary card inscriptions.
The three kinds of diet that are served are boiled (BD), raw (RD) and juice diet (JD) depending on what the doctor has allotted to the patient as per the ailment.
The types of juices and beverages include ash gourd, bitter gourd, goose berry, lemon with honey and chia seeds, pineapple, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, watermelon, pomegranate, buttermilk, finger millet or ragi ganji, barley water.
Boiled diet meals cooked without or with very little oil serve dishes like coriander rice, vegetable pulao, foxtail millet and peas pulao, millet bisi bele bath or spicy rice, rava idli, spinach/dil leaves/radish/beetroot chapati, vegetable soup, vegetable curry made of pumpkin, chickpeas, green peas, dil leaves and drumstick, fenugreek and tomato, dal, sambar, groundnut chutney, beetroot peanut chutney, with handsome portion of fruits like water melon and papaya, and buttermilk as a side drink to be consumed with the meals. Healthy breakfast is made up of ragi ganji/upma with buttermilk and evening snacks is essentially sprouts and barley water.
Raw diet consists of only fruits, sprouts and select vegetables like cucumber, carrot etc. Individuals keen on weight loss often opt for juice diet and consume only juices.
Nature Cure Detoxification Tips
1) Bitter gourd juice in the mornings
2) Goose berry juice after lunch
3) Ash gourd juice in the afternoon
4) Barley water in the evening
Acupuncture, Physiotherapy (exercise therapy, magnetotherapy and electrotherapy).
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese system of medicine through which various painful conditions and diseases are treated by inserting fine needles into the specific points on the body. This has major impact on balancing the vital energy flow throughout the body.
On the other hand, physiotherapy can help to restore movement and function when a person is affected by injury, illness, disability or after surgery and can also help to reduce the risk of injury and illness in the future. The physiotherapists provide useful tips on things that affect our daily lives such as posture, correct way of lifting objects to help prevent injuries, movement, tailored exercises and physical activity to improve our general health and mobility and to strengthen specific parts of our body, and manual therapy using their hands to help relieve pain and stiffness, and to encourage better movement of the body.
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