Purum Riem Council Manipur condemns

Purum Riem Council Manipur (PRCM) in a press release denounced 'the alleged act of Keishamthong Kabui Khul imposing a fine/penalty on a Kom woman who got married into a Kabui household over her statement on Gaan-Ngai festival'.
As per the press release by PRCM general secretary, the said lady gave her opinion during an interview by a youtuber on January 23, 2024 that 'Gaan-Ngai is a festival of the Kabuis hence Zeliangrong community should refrain from celebrating it'.
PRCM maintained that imposing penalty over such a statement is unfortunate since the statement does not impact the prestige of Keishamthong Kabui Khul in any form as she was just expressing her personal opinion.
Stating that such an act of Keishamthong Kabui Khul is not called for amid the prevailing conflict situation in the State, PRCM urged to revoke the fine and issue a public clarification regarding the matter for the welfare of all.