Our Eternal Kangleipak

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Generations have come, generations have gone
Leaders have come, leaders have gone
Scholars and pandits have come and they have gone
Crorepatis have flourished, crorepatis have perished,
But our homeland will shine as ever!
Devastated Wars have come,wars have truced,
It cost only destruction, misery and millions of lives
Yet, millions have been born,
Refugees may surge, refugees may dwindle,
Revolts may spark, revolts will die away,
Terrorists have mutinized, terrorists have been repressed,
But our homeland will stand glorious as ever!
Ethnic strifes have budded, and faded away
Only the impoverished villagers suffer
Cries of the mothers for their martyred sons
Cries of the wifes for her beloved husband to return,
Thousands internally displaced, their stories untold...
An unheard prayer for months now !
But, Time heals everything with a scar,
Indelible from the annals of history,
But our homeland will never fall apart
For our Kangleipak has survived myriads of heinous conflicts
And atrocities of gruesome wars over the centuries...
Leaders may be indifferent to homeland integrity
And also some people may sold out our homestead land
But people are faithful to their Motherland
Paying a heavy price, people will retake it
And our Kangleipak will remain as the pristine Kangleipak!