The Valor Within

Dr Soubam Sophiarani
In realms where courage reigns supreme,
A brave king stood, his noble dream,
Yet amidst the gallant and the bold,
Lies a tale of treasures untold.

Not all hearts beat with strength and might,
Some falter in the throng too long.
While kings command from thrones above,
The humble souls find courage, and love.

Before warriors clash in fierce debate,
In shadows deep, where fears await,
Exists a truth both stark and clear
The valorous king has naught to fear.

For beneath his bed, the swords may rust,
But in his heart, they never must.
It’s not in  blades bright,
But in his spirit’s steadfast light.

A kingdom built on dreams and might,
Where every soul can take to flight,
For in the realm of the brave and bold,
Each dreamer’s tale is nobly told.

Forge our swords with care,
Not just of metal, but faith we bear.
For in the brave king’s steadfast gaze,
Lies the power to light our ways.