Building bridges with books : Parraypora's Educational Odyssey

Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon
In the modern era, despite the plethora of available resources, the everlasting importance of books continues to grow. Books serve as gateways to imagination, with each reader living a thousand lives before their own ends. The world belongs to those who read, and books are rightly called the "WORLD OF WONDERS."
Educational Void in Parraypora
Nestled near the Indira Gandhi Road and housing a bustling airport, Parraypora, Kashmir, thrives as a vibrant educational hub. However, a crucial need emerges—a public library to enrich the educational landscape of this region. Despite the presence of coaching centers and academic activities, a noticeable void exists, emphasizing the immediate need for a public library. Parraypora, known for its vibrant educational atmosphere, sees students immersing themselves in various subjects through coaching centers and educational initiatives. (To be contd)