Remove unauthorised political ads: Poll body to States

New Delhi, Mar 20 : Cracking the whip, the Election Commission on Wednesday asked state governments to take down all unauthorised political advertisements from government, public and private properties and send a compliance report in the next 24 hours.
In a letter to the Union Cabinet Secretary and the chief secretaries of all states and union territories, the EC said that despite its letter issued on March 16 when the model code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections and four assembly polls came into force, it has received complaints alleging that unauthorised political advertisements are still being displayed in many places across the country.
The Congress had recently raised the issue with the poll panel.
"All unauthorised political advertisements, in the form of wall writings, posters, papers or defacement in any other form, cutouts, hoardings, banner flags were ordered to be removed in a time-bound manner from public spaces like railway stations, bus stands, airports, railway bridges, roadways, government buses, electric/telephone poles, municipal/local bodies' building and a strict compliance in this was to be ensured," it reminded the governments.
The Commission said it has taken a "serious note" of the non-compliance or partial-compliance of its instructions.
It directed all state and union territory governments to "immediately remove all unauthorised political advertisements and ensure full compliance of its instructions". It sought a compliance report in this regard by 5 pm on Thursday. PTI