Match officials for 16th Manipur State League announced

IMPHAL, Mar 21
The All Manipur Football Association has announced the names of the match officials who will be conducting the 16th Manipur State League 2023-24.
S Jameskumar, Tharchung Chara, S Rameshwor and Th Dineshwor were named as match commissioners for the tournament as Ph Lanthoiba, M Magho and L Tarun were named as referee assessors.
Meanwhile, Ch Shyamson, Th Arunkumar, Joysing Monsang, H Atlee, T Ranjita, RK Angousana, Kh Ibungo, T Hemanta, S Tombi, Y Hemanta, Ajitkumar Kangjam, Yulung Lungsu and Brojen Keisham were named as referees.
Th Parsuram, Telen Kom, Rojit, Robinson Soubam, Sanatomba, Latif Ali, Anush Khan, Suaib Md, Ningnihring Anal, Amarjit Ningombam, Harimohon, Saphaba and Rigal Mayengbam were in the meantime named as assistant referees.
The match officials should report to S Jameskumar, convenor RC, AMFA, said AMFA in a memorandum.