Yongchak venture yields rich dividends


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 22 : Planting about 10 Yongchak (stinky bean) trees can generate Rs  30,000 to 40,000 a year, said 60 year old Wahengbam Manglemjao who has been planting Yongchak for near 15 years.
Speaking to The Sangai Express, Manglemjao, a resident of Hiyanglam Awang Leikai, said that he started planting Yongchak commercially to be financially independent and live a productive life.
It takes time but the outcome is worth waiting for, Manlemjao said on planting Yongchak.
Saying that he started planting Yongchak for commercial purposes from 2007-2008, he said that he started his business with just three or four Yongchak trees.
He now has more than 80 Yongchak trees on his land at Khoidum.
Further stating that he incurred losses in the initial stage of his business  as most of the Yonchak dried up before harvesting, Manglemjao maintained  that he started planting dozens of Yongchak trees at his farm since 2015 to try his luck again and it gave a bountiful harvest.
Manglemjao said that traders come to buy Yongchak from him in bulk every year.
A single Yongchak tree can produce Yongchak worth Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000, he conveyed and added that planting Yongchak is a profitable business.
Stating that there was a considerable impact on the local Yongchak market last year due to import of Yongchak in very large quantity from Myanmar, Manglemjao maintained that locally grown Yongchak was sold  at a very cheap rate last year.
The productivity of Yongchak trees decreased this year due to the deficit in rainfall, Manglemjao continued. Saying he has sold Yongchak worth over Rs 15,000 this year, Manglemjao added that the harvest of Yongchak will be completed before the Cheiraoba festival.
The price of Yongchak has risen compared to last year as no Yongchak  have been imported from Myanmar this year, Manglemjao continued.
The Yongchak trees are regularly disinfected, he said.