DESAM questions appointment in NCTE


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 23 : Going on the offensive against the Government, the Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has asked if a person who didn't even pursue BEd, MEd is eligible to be recruited as a teacher at DM College of Teacher Education (DMCTE) which is a professional institution of NCTE.
Speaking to the media at its office at Kwakeithel today, DESAM president M Somorjit claimed that there were irregularities in posting teachers at DMCTE on March 15.
Claiming that four persons were given initial posting at DMCTE through nepotism and it was a serious mistake on the part of the Education Department, he asked how such appointments can be justified.
Do the Education Minister, Commissioner and Director take recruitment of  individuals who lack essential qualifications to be faculty members at DM College of Teacher Education as a legitimate move, he asked.
Saying that recruitment of part time/guest/contract teachers at the professional institute of NCTE is not allowed as per the rule of NCTE 2014, he asked if the Chief Minister is going to brush the matter aside.
He further said the NCTE cancelled the recognition of DMCTE and HTTC on March  1, 2020 after it was found that many contractual teachers were posted at the two institutions in the 2019-20 academic session against the rule by the State Government.
Asking if the State Government is going to overlook the issue and laud the Education Commissioner and Director instead, Somorjit said that the Government should penalise the wrong doers if it wants to bring some positive developments in the education sector.
Somorjit further asked how the Education  Minister failed to notice such a big blunder or if it was done deliberately.