Transgender activist stages protest in front of BJP Manipur Pradesh office


By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 23 : In continuation of her fast unto death protest demanding restoration of peace in Manipur, transgender activist Malem Thongam protested in front of BJP Manipur Pradesh Office gate at Nityaipat Chuthek today.
Speaking in this connection, Malem Thongam asserted that as a youth of Manipur, she has lost all faith and hope in the administration of resolving the conflict.
Instead of making efforts to end the crisis, the BJP Government is more focused on the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha elections while internally displaced folks continue to suffer in the numerous relief camps set up across Manipur, she said.
Denouncing such display of misplaced priority by the BJP regime, Malem further accused the Government of not heeding the IDPs' demand of being returned to their original homes before the Lok Sabha elections.
Discontent with the silence of the BJP Government, she made the decision to protest in front of the BJP Manipur Pradesh office today, said Malem.
Accusing the BJP Government of suppressing the crisis to give more importance to the upcoming elections, she categorically stated that people cannot be suppressed at any cost.
Further, stating that she has not consumed a single grain of rice since starting her fast on February 22, Malem maintained that she will continue her protest until her demands are fulfilled.