Sugnu resolves

IMPHAL, Mar 23 : People of Sugnu including traders have taken a resolution to safeguard Sugnu from the onslaught of Kuki miscreants.
The resolution was taken during a meeting organised by the Crisis Management  Committee Sugnu (CMCS) at Sugnu Keithel today.
Speaking to the media, CMCS spokesman Khaidem Bijaya said that people of Sugnu can live without any fear at their localities only when the Government takes up adequate measures to protect their lives and properties.
She said that safeguarding of  Sugnu, however, lies in the hands of Sugnu people.
Locals of Sugnu who were displaced  following the attack by Kuki militants on different occasions have started returning to their villages, Bijaya continued and added that the people of Sugnu should not run from Kuki militants anymore but face them.
The war is not over, she said and requested the Government to make sure  the people of Sugnu get their share of relief materials and other assistance.