Decision not to field BJP candidate in Outer PC irks many Spt BJP office vandalised

Our Correspondent
Senapati, Mar 23 : The decision of the BJP to not contest election and instead back the cadidature of the NPF candidate in the Outer seat has drawn flaks from a section of people in Senapati.
At around 10.30 am today, a group of people vandalised the office of BJP Senapati branch situated at Old Road allegedly over the party's decision to not contest the election and support the NPF candidate.
Reportedly, the perpetrators were peeved by the party decision as they were expecting the BJP to field a particular person from Senapati in the upcoming election (Outer Parliamentary seat)    
The identities of the perpetrators, however, could not be ascertained as there were no surveillance cameras and eyewitnesses.
Several office equipment and furniture including desks, chairs, computer monitors, and printers were vandalised.
Security measures have been taken up in the area and measures are underway to nab the perpetrators.
Addressing the media later, Daiho A, president of 47-Karong BJP Mandal said that a party leader from Senapati was expecting to get a party ticket to contest the  Lok Sabha election.
Expressing resentment over the party decision to support the NPF candidate, the BJP worker lamented that Central party leaders are unconcerned about the workers at the grassroot level.
He also mentioned that proposals sent from the grassroot level for the past ADC and State Assembly elections were rejected by the higher command of the party.
The workers at the grassroot level have also been working in the interest of the party, he said and requested the party leaders to pay some attention to their interest.