Poumai Naga Union calls for restoration of peace, unity

The Poumai Naga Union (PNU) called upon the Southern  Angami People's Organisation (SAPO) and Mao Council for restoration of peace and unity among the communities.
A press release by the Information and Publicity Wing, PNU said that the people of the region have always cherished the bonds of brotherhood and respect that  have bound the people together through generations.
'Recent tensions arising over ownership of the disputed land at the Kezoltsa/Koziirii area has saddened all and is painful to witness discord and conflict between the brothers, especially when the people have always stood together in solidarity and support', it stated. PNU requested both the Southern Angami People's Organisation and the Mao Council to consider their stand for the greater good of the community and uphold the values of  brotherhood and respect.
The PNU urged both the communities to honour and abide by any decision or verdict pronounced by the Tenymi People's  Organisation (TPO) as per the Naga customary laws, as it represents the collective will and interest of the people.
The recent tensions have not only affected the  communities but have also caused anguish and concern among the people. It is crucial to prioritize dialogue, understanding,  and reconciliation to pave the way for a harmonious future, it mentioned.
PNU reaffirmed their commitment to the brothers of the Angami and Mao communities and pledged to stand by each other through thick and thin.