Clarification on the article ‘Legalised and institutionalised discrimination of Meiteis in Manipur’

An article, 'Legalised and institutionalised discrimination of Meiteis in Manipur' published on 29 February 2024 has been circulated through Sangai Express casting aspersions on border guarding capabilities of Assam Rifles in the region. The false and shallow allegations necessitate a clarifi- cation with correct facts.
The deployment strategy of Assam Rifles has been planned according to the threat perception. The battalions manning the border are specifically known as Border Guarding Battalions and are deployed tactically along the border to prevent any illegal movement of persons, war like stores or contraband. Their role as Border Guarding Battalions enables them for effective coverage along the border with adequate response capabilities. The Force dominates the border by aggressive area domination patrolling, laying of ambushes, aerial surveillance and has an increased presence along the border. With the expertise and decades of experience, Assam Rifles is trained and capable of addressing various security challenges including border defence and their presence along the border.
The statement made against Assam Rifles appears to be based on unsubstantiated claims and lacks concrete evidence. It is appealed that media must refrain from putting unverified, factually incorrect articles which have the potential to sabotage the image, credibility and contribution of any Government Security Force.
Yours faithfully,
Lieutenant Colonel, Staff Officerm IGAR (S) (Public Relations & Media)