Inclusion of indigenous Meiteis in the ST list of the Constitution is the only way forward3rd open letter to RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat Ji

Konjengbam Candle
Meitei’s have a history of their own civilisation from time immemorial. It is not just a simple verbal saying. We have scientific proof. The utensils and other materials found in Manipur used by our indigenous Meitei ancestors, when Thermo luminescence dating is done has been found that the utensils were used more than five thousand years ago. Meitei civilisation is one among the oldest civilisations. In the book “Loyumba Silyen” it is mentioned that our Constitution started from 11th century.
In today’s world, approximately around 6,600 (six thousand six hundred) language exist, among them only 100 (hundred) have its own script. Meitei language is one of the 100 (hundred) known for having its own script. We Meiteis are very proud of it. And are thankful to our ancestors. From the very early age Meitei community has its own language, script, culture, tradition and religion. The Meiteis have a very rich civilisation.
You must have read my open letter, written to PM Modiji of the BJP Government, published in a local newspaper on Saturday, 30th Sept. 2023 and “The Sangai Express” English edition on Monday, 9th Oct. 2023.
In the years between 1867 and 1872, the then British Political Agent of Manipur Dr L Brown in his book, “Statistical Account of Manipur”, clearly wrote, “In January and February 1872, during the expedition against the Lushais (Present Mizoram), some 647 captives were rescued and 2112 refugees came to seek the Maharaj’s protection and settle in Manipur. As to the captives rescued they are all Khongjai Kukis and subjects of Manipur; they were from time to time carried into captivity some years ago from Nungthur Hills and the villages in the vicinity of Chibu, by the Lushais. ...... As for the refugees out of 2112, including men, women and children, 373 are of the Sooti tribe; ....... 957 Pytais, vassals of the Lushais, 110 Soomties, vassals of Kamhow’s tribe of Suties, and 612 Lushais from Bomhung’s villages, which were destroyed by Kamhow’s force. The whole of the above have been settled by the Maharaja in the Thangching range hills and valley south-west of Moirang, allotted land to them, and arrangements were made for their future safety and protection. They were also provided food until they raise crop for themselves”.
Experts say that the word “Kuki” itself is derived from the Bengali word “Coolie”. Various  historical documents proves that the Chin-Kuki-Zou are refugees, foreigners, illegal immigrants, illegal infiltrators, intruders.
In 1956 there were only 15 (fifteen) communities of the Kuki group in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list. In the year 2001-2002 there was President Rule (PR) in Manipur. During that period maximum IAS and IPS officer belonged to Kuki community. Taking advantage of the situation the Kuki bureaucrats sent a recommendation to Central Government to include “any Kuki Tribe” and “any Mizo Tribe” in the ST list. After this recommendation 34 (thirty four) communities from Chin-Kuki-Zou were included in the ST list. That was a wrong and unfair process. In 2018 and 2023 State Cabinet passed the resolution to exclude this word “any Kuki Tribe” and “any Mizo Tribe”  and have sent this resolution to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
According to 2011 census report 16% of total population of Manipur are Chin-Kuki-Zou. It is  believed that now 30% of the total population are from Chin- Kuki-Zou. Even if a Chin- Kuki-Zou woman gives birth to 10 (ten)/20 (twenty) children the rate of Chin-Kuki-Zou population growth is impossible. This is due to the influx of refugees. At one point of time Kangpokpi A/C was represented by a Nepali MLA. Tengnoupal A/C was also represented by Naga MLA. But now both these two A/Cs have Kuki MLAs. Definitely, very soon there will be more Kuki MLAs which might further worsen the scenario of influx, see how critical the condition of our State is.
Before 1972-73, refugee Chin-Kuki-Zou influx did not settle in Moreh town of Tengnoupal District. Somewhere from 1990 onwards the population of Chin-Kuki-Zou in Moreh town is two third of the population, which is due to the influx of refugees. The same is happening in many other parts of Manipur. Because of this influx of refugees demographic imbalance is happening in Manipur. Population warfare has been going on for the past many decades. Chin-Kuki-Zou who have not even stayed in Manipur for two centuries are claiming for their land. If we count their existence and influx since Meidingu Chandrakriti’s time, it will be approximately only 150 years.
How can refugees, illegal immigrants, intruders, illegal infiltrator, nomadic Chin-Kuki-Zou be included in the ST list ? They don’t fulfil the criteria to be included in the ST list. How can Myanmarese be in Hindustan’s ST list ? How can Myanmarese be in Hindustan’s Voter list ? We must remove them from voter list. They came as refugees, they must stay as refugees not as citizens of Hindustan. There is also a ruling of Supreme Court that non-indigenous must not be included in the ST list. Remove nomadic refugee Chin-Kuki-Zou from the ST list.
Late Lamyanba Hijam Irabot once said, “The people of Manipur must have equal rights and status otherwise there will be a big problem in the future”.
The Outer Member of Parliament of Lok Shaba of Manipur  from the Tankhul community of Naga tribe and a prominent Naga leader (L) Rungsung Suisa popularly known as uncle Suisa said that Meiteis must be included in the ST list. All the indigenous communities of Manipur must have equal rights and equal status so that Manipur will be peaceful and harmonious. Apart from that he knew that if Meiteis are not included in ST list their life will be in danger and will go extinct in the near future. He was such a visionary Naga leader.
In 1995, Ministry of State for Home Affairs (Kipgen) asked the Chief Secretary of Manipur Kewal Krishan Sethi (KK Sethi). “How to solve the various  issues of Manipur”? Chief Secretary replied, “inclusion of Meiteis in ST list is the only solution to solve various issues of Manipur”.
After a long and minute study during his time as Governor in Manipur; a very intelligent person coming from Delhi Police-Ved Marwah also opined that if Meiteis are not included in the list/ category vested under Indian Constitution Article 342(1) Meitei will be endangered and they may not exist any more in the near future.
Now, you may have known the opinion given by the distinguished persons who do not even belong to Meitei community, why Meiteis must be included in the ST list ?
In the outer layer, Meiteis seem to be a major strong community but from inside it is not so, if we look at the records and data. There has been a decline in the  population growth rate in Manipur for the Meitei according to the data presented by CM of Manipur, at the State Assembly Session that was held recently. According to the survey report of 2015-16 published by National Family Health Survey-4, Meitei’s Total Fertility Rate was 2.24. But after five years the Total Fertility Rate has drastically declined to 1.77 as per the National Family Health Survey-5. Which clearly means that the indigenous Meiteis are endangered.
A mass miss call campaign was conducted by some civil society organisation for the inclusion of Meiteis in ST list on the theme “Campaign for better Manipur with equal status”. The miss call campaign was held in between 20th Nov. 2023 and 30th Dec. 2023. The expected target of the CSOs was 5 (five) lakh miss calls. Based on media report the target was achieved within a week. The missed call being received was estimated as 9 (nine) lakhs ie. 4 (four) lakh more than the target. According to the 2011 census report Meitei population was 12,51,309. The missed call received was about 3/4  of the Meitei population.
This shows that maximum population of the Meiteis want to be ST. In my opinion, there are tens of thousands of Meitei who wanted to participate in the miss call campaign were not able to do so as they belong to below poverty line family, poor of the poorest who cannot afford even a simple keypad mobile phone. If all these Meiteis were able to participate in the campaign then the number of miss call would have been probably cent percent. It shows that every single Meitei wants the inclusion in ST list.
Inclusion of Hindu Meiteis in the ST list is not matter of quota, reservation, facilities etc.,  etc. It is an issue regarding survival of Meiteis. If this present trend of situation of Manipur prevails for a few more years Hindu Meitei will be extinct from this world like some minor human race.
Inclusion of indigenous Hindu Meiteis in the ST list is the only way at present to preserve, to save the Hindu Meiteis from extinction from the face of the earth. As I stated above why indigenous Hindu Meiteis must be included in ST list, I hope you will understand the current situation and take it into consideration. It is not only an issue related to survival but also a matter related to being extinct in the near future.
In order to prevent our extinction for humanitarian sake you must do something concrete. I feel you are the sole responsible person, our saviour to protect our life. Hindu Meiteis want justice at the earnest. Justice delayed is justice denied. The voice of the people is the voice of God.