Many protest Home Minister's visit

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 15: A large number of people, aggrieved by the Centre’s indifference to the protracted Manipur crisis and the people’s suffering, protested Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the State capital today.
A few hours before Amit Shah arrived at Hapta Kangjeibung to address a grand election rally this afternoon, large number of people staged protest demonstrations at Khurai Lamlong, New Checkon, Wangkhei Puja Lampak and Khwairamband Keithel.
A large group of women came out to the road at Khurai Lamlong at around 1.30 pm and they forced many vehicles adorned with BJP posters and flags to turn back.
Later, security forces opened the road to all the people including those coming to attend the election rally.
At around 2 pm, another group of women staged a similar demonstration on New Checkon road, denouncing Amit Shah’s visit to the State for election campaign.
They even burnt tyres in the middle of the road. The protest was brought under control with the arrival of additional security personnel.
Using banners with pictures of the village defence volunteers killed in the crisis, members of Youth of Manipur staged a protest demonstration at Khwairamband Ima Keithel at around 2.30 pm.
The protesters also used placards which read, “Our vote is our voice”, “Solution before election”, “We are magnanimous but we are not fools”, “We don’t want election conducted over our dead bodies” etc.
One member of Youth of Manipur (YoM) decried that the BJP Government at the Centre has been watching silently without ever thinking of bringing an end to the protracted crisis which would be completing one full year very soon.
The BJP Government did not bother to share a single word of solidarity when the people of Manipur were reeling under extreme misery but today they are coming here shamelessly to campaign for the Lok Sabha election, the YoM member remarked.
He appealed to the Central Government leaders not to enact any pretence of caring for Manipur at the time of election when they actually do not care for the people as if Manipur is not a part of India.
“A large number of heroes have fallen in the ongoing conflict and we should never ever forget this fact”, the YoM member said.
Soon after, a large number of women vendors of Khwairamband Keithel joined the protest.
They shouted slogans like, “We condemn Amit Shah’s visit”, “Don’t come for election campaigns”, “Long live Manipur etc”.
Later, a large number of security personnel arrived at the scene and forced the protest demonstration to end abruptly.