Amit Shah cares about elections only: Imagi Meira

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 15: Even as Amit Shah addressed an election rally at Imphal today, Imagi Meira has accused the Union Home Minister of remembering Manipur only during the elections.
Addressing media persons at Manipur Press Club, Imphal, Imagi Meira convenor Th Sujata said the Union Home Minister visiting Manipur for election campaign shows he cares about the elections only and not the people.
Sujata said Amit Shah had visited Manipur last year on May 29 when the violent conflict was in the early stage, and he had promised to return to the State within 15 days.
People of Manipur were hopeful of the Union Home Minister's promises and anticipated his visit sooner. However, Amit Shah didn't keep his promise and didn't visit the State, she said.
As elections are nearing, the Union Home Minister has now remembered Manipur. His visit to the State only for election purposes has prompted people to ask if the Centre is insulting the people of Manipur, she said.
Sujata further asserted that the situation in Manipur today is such that gunfights are taking place at will.
Peace has not returned to Manipur, and this is no time to play political games, she said.
"Union Home Minister Amit Shah didn't return as promised, but now that he has visited Manipur, he should control the situation and bring order.
"Let there be a Government of any political party. This doesn't matter. But, there must be peace," she said.
Commenting on the conflict that began on May 3, 2023, Sujata said around 30 people are missing and their whereabouts have not been traced till today.
Even though the CBI and the NIA have arrested suspects in connection with the murder of Phijam Hemjit and Hijam Linthoingambi, their bodies have not been traced till today, she said, adding the progress of the investigation is also not known.
"Even though the situation in Manipur is not conducive, elections have been scheduled as unavoidable and preparations are on.
"To face elections, different parties have fielded their own candidates and this has further created division among the people amid the crisis," Sujata said.
She further said the prevailing situation dictates that the elections would see the use of muscle and money power to get votes.
In the face of such a threat, the people and all the civil society organisations and youths should exercise their rights carefully and cast their votes for candidates who would sincerely work for the future of the community, she added.