People urged to vote for worthy candidates

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 15: Stating that Manipur is primed for a transformation, the  Co-ordination Committee for Crisis Resolution Manipur has urged people to choose a worthy representative in the 18th Lok Sabha Elections 2024.
Addressing a press briefing at Irawat Bhawan located at BT Road today, Oinam Sumatibala, convenor, Co-ordination Committee for Crisis Resolution Manipur said that the people of Manipur have suffered for almost a year as a result of the conflict and without a decisive turning point at this juncture, a worse fate might await the people. Thus, she stressed on the need to pick an upright and credible candidate.  
Urging the voters not to be swayed easily, she expressed apprehension that a heightened state of bedlam will prevail after the polls and that Manipur will be divided into three parts if the current administration emerges victorious.
On another note, highlighting the greater number of women voters in comparison to their male counterparts, she interjected that a section of female voters are easily influenced by people from different camps.
To bring Manipur onto the right path, there needs to be collective reflection on the part of the voters, she said.
It is high time to elect a candidate capable of facing any adversary, whose loyalty lies with the public and their interest, she added.
Lastly, she advocated for a free and fair election where individuals can exercise their Right to Vote without any hassles.