Attack on oil tankers an act of terrorism, says JTSA

Newmai News Network
IMPHAL, Apr 16: The Joint Tribes Students' Association (JTSA) of All Inpui Students' Union (AISU), Zeme Students' Organisation, Manipur (ZSOM), Rongmei Naga Students' Organization, Manipur (RNSOM), Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi, Manipur  (LNKR-M) has strongly condemned the incident that happened today between  Kaimai Kuki village and Tollen Kuki village along NH 37, where 5 trucks including one LPG bullet tanker and four oil tankers were allegedly ambushed by Kuki miscreants, injuring a driver.
The JTSA strongly condemns this reprehensible act  of violence that took place within its jurisdiction along the Jiribam-Imphal road.
In a statement, the JTSA said, "In such an excruciating juncture, the Nagas are playing  pivotal roles to accommodate and bring tranquillity and peace among different communities in the State".
It also said, "Irrespective of different backgrounds and communities/tribes, the JTSA strongly believes in the principle of unity in diversity and peaceful coexistence of people leaving aside individual interest and differences".
The JTSA asserted that any untoward incident that happens within the jurisdiction of JTSA in the future will not be tolerated.  
Such an act of "cowardly indulgence"  is a serious crime against humanity and an act of terrorism that has even crossed the line of communalism, specially during this hard time.
Incidents like this not only tarnish the image of the  particular community and the State but also undermine the harmonious atmosphere we strive to maintain, the JTSA said.
"We demand that immediate action be taken against those responsible miscreants for their heinous act and we expect a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is administered in accordance with the laws of the State. It is essential that such incidents are not tolerated and the miscreants are held accountable for their actions,” it also demanded.
Further, the JTSA reminded that the NH 37 is a lifeline for the people of Manipur.
It then said panicked general public are rushing to all fuel pumps (outlets) across imphal.
"We also want to assure the people of the State that no such incident will be allowed to happen in the near future. Everything will go on as usual along NH-37", the JTSA assured.