Cong candidate spells out personal to do list

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 16 : Dr Angomcha Bimol Akoijam has put forth his personal manifesto which includes 13 agenda before the public today.
He released his personal manifesto during a press briefing held at his residence at Keisham-thong Top Leirak.
Addressing the media, Bimol said that he will seek general amnesty for people who have taken up arms to protect Manipur both inside and outside the Parliament.
On the attacks on his poll meetings and intimidating his supporters, the Congress candidate responded that an  election campaign is a very important aspect of Right to Vote.
Disrupting the election campaign of a particular political party or candidate on a regular basis is violation of the Right to Vote, he added.
He also said that he doesn't want to invest much on advertisements, feasts etc to win the election.
Notably, Bimol is pitched against BJP, RPI (A) and three Independent candidates in the ensuing Lok Sabha election on Congress ticket.
The Congress candidate said that his mission is to cultivate a new political culture for a new Manipur  and foster a people led and issue based governance.
The points mentioned in the agenda are, "Fixing accountability for the ongoing violence and deliver justice  to Internally Displaced People", "Support for Constitutional protection such as ST status for Meetei", "Support for population policy and NRC", "Economic Development Task Force", 'Educational Empowerment Initiative", "Inter-Community Dialogue and Collaborative Initiative," "Governance Accountability and Oversight Initiative",  "Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Integration", "Socio  Economic and Education Status Assessment Committee", "Paradigm Shift : From Military Lens to Civilian Governance", "Rebuild the Brand Manipur", "Administrative Reform" and "Strengthening Manipur's Position under Indian Federal Policy."