Secure National Highways, KKL tells Governments

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 17: The State Government and the Centre failing to control and secure merely a few kilometres of the two Highways in Manipur is appalling, said Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL) after suspected Kuki militants' attacked oil and gas tankers on Imphal-Jiribam stretch yesterday.
Since the violent conflict started on May 3, 2023, the two Highways, the lifelines of the people of Manipur, have been shut with armed miscreants hindering free movement of vehicles.
While the conflict has taken a toll on the overall welfare of the people, the blockade on the Highways and the frequent attacks on trucks carrying essential goods have affected the economy of the people, especially Meiteis in the valley region, it said.
With the Highways blocked, airway is the only means of transport and travel available to the Meiteis. The Meiteis have been reduced to the condition of fishes in a pot, it added.
Even as the attack on the tankers yesterday was not an isolated incident, the Central Government and the State Government since decades have failed to secure the Highways.
The failure on the part of the Governments in securing the Highways has cast a doubt on the minds of the people if the hills where the Highways run though are parts of Manipur, said KKL.
"India is a rising superpower, but is unable to solve its internal problems at home. It is unable to secure even a few kilometres of the Highways. This is appalling and very shameful," said KKL, asking why the Centre and the State Government have not yet taken any action against the terrorists who attacked the tankers.
KKL further asserted that the present condition of the Meiteis in Manipur is akin to people being locked inside a room.
Meanwhile, candidates who have come out to contest the Lok Sabha elections have failed to touch on this crucial issue concerning the future of the Meiteis. Some power hungry politicians, in the name of serving the State, are selling people and their rights, it added.
To resolve the crises facing the Meiteis, people should search and look for dedicated and sincere persons who have the political will to secure the future of the Meiteis and the State. People shouldn't cast their votes for candidates who wouldn't face the challenges facing the Meitei community, said KKL.
In the meantime, considering the hardships Meiteis are facing in terms of transport, air fare should be reduced by 50 percent, said KKL urging the Centre and the State Government and the Civil Aviation Minister.
Travel by air is the only means of travel for Meiteis at present. Therefore, the air fare of helicopters and flights should be reduced by 50 percent until the crisis is resolved and Meiteis are able to travel freely on the Highways, said KKL.
If the Governments are unable to reduce the fare, then the National Highways must be opened with all the required security measures in place before the Lok Sabha elections, added KKL.