Choose right candidate, urges Taragi Cheisu

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 17 : With the Lok Sabha election set to begin in a couple of days, the Taragi Cheisu has appealed to all the electors to vote for the candidates (Inner and Outer seats) who understand the situation in Manipur thoroughly and can present the issue of the State effectively both inside and outside the Parliament.
The Taragi  Cheisu, an advisory body, also appealed to all the voters to not let any political party or candidate influence their decision in choosing the right candidate through money power.
Speaking to the media at its office at Khurai Ahongei today, Taragi Cheisu chairman Khaidem Mani said that the Parliamentary election will be held in Manipur as in other parts of the country despite the several appeals by senior citizens and womenfolk to conduct the election
after normalcy is restored in the State.
Every Manipuri has been bearing the brunt of the  ongoing crisis in the State since the last over 11 months, he reminded.
People must decide which candidates in Inner and Outer seats can sincerely stand for a united Manipur, K Mani said and appealed to one and all to contribute in making the election free and fair.
Every voter has the right to choose the candidate of his or her preference, he maintained while urging the people  to not sell their votes for some money.
Stating that boycotting the election is also a loss for the people, K Mani appealed to one and all to exercise their democratic right and elect the candidates who can stand for a united Manipur in the two Parliamentary seats of the State.
He also appealed to all concerned to refrain from intimidating or influencing the voters using money or muscle power.
Saying that campaigning for a particular candidate by wielding arms is wrong and such a culture is against the ethos of democracy, K Mani drew the attention of CEO Manipur to make the election free and fair.
Meanwhile in a statement, Taragi Cheisu said that the upcoming Lok Sabha election is  a decisive moment to choose the right political leaderships who can represent the people of Manipur from both the Inner and Outer Parliamentary Constituencies to correct the wrongs.
"This election calls for strong leaders who can stand above the divides, see the common destiny of humanity and have the capacity to turn the tide towards the  path for advancing democracy ensuring peace, security  and development for all the people in the State and for the entire country," the advisory body said.
It appealed to all, especially those taking refuge at relief camps to choose the candidates  who can show the path for peace, harmony and development in the State.
The Taragi Cheisu also appealed to the Government and the Election Commission to prevent all kinds of malpractice such as the use of money, allurements, feasting, threats and intimidation during the election.
The State will go to poll in two phases on April 19 and April 26.