Need of awareness stressed on Autism Day


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 2 : World Autism Awareness Day was observed at the Spastic Society of Manipur campus under the theme "Moving from Surviving to Thriving : Autistic Individuals share Regional Perspective".
The event hosted by the Spastic Society of Manipur and Share & Care Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal was attended by Social Welfare Director Uttam Ngangom, Professor Dr RK Lenin Singh of Department of Psychiatry, RIMS Imphal and secretary of Spastic Society of Manipur, Laishram Ricky.
Speaking on the occasion, Social Welfare Director Uttam Ngangom stressed the importance of early detection of Autism and awareness among the public.
Dr RK Lenin also stressed on the importance of raising awareness among the public about Autism and said parents of Autistic children shouldn't lose heart but be proud of their special children.
Spastic Society of Manipur's secretary Laishram Ricky said Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.
About 1 in 100 children has Autism. Characteristics may be detected in early childhood but are often not diagnosed until much later, he said.
According to a 2021 study published in the Indian Journal of Paediatrics, the estimated prevalence in India is around 1 in 68 children. Male to Female ratio is 3:1.
World Autism Awareness Day is observed internationally on April 2 to raise awareness about Autistic individuals.
Ricky said the objective to create awareness is also to let people understand the challenges faced by Autistic people and their families so that they are more likely to offer support, and make accommodations ultimately reducing stress for everyone involved, and to have an inclusive society.
Early intervention and a holistic approach to socialization, self-help and community rehabilitation are required based on the needs of the child, he added.