McDonald’s came to our rescue

Kamal Baruah
The door was pushed inside and a signage “washroom” was visible and we tiptoed upstairs. Wow, the digital menu board has taken the restaurant world by storm. I run into glitches for a while, but our daughter quickly come over, while sliding order one after another. Amid ordering beverages, burgers and fries, what might catch our attention was the presence of numbered table and we found a seat and awaited our food’s arrival.
What it comes to waiting for food, customers feel disrespectful, so we had another day at McDonald’s Guwahati recently, and I enquired to a smiling waitress, if I am supposed to place the order at counter. And the reply was “McDonald’s food is on its way”. And at a glance, I saw through the McDonald’s iconic ‘M’, over the bill quoting Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, New Delhi. My memory goes back to early 2K, when McDonald entered Indian market in 1996, opening its first restaurant in the capital.

(To be contd)