Is it Living Alive or Living Death ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram
In the midst of brutal ethnic conflict,
Those who were mercilessly slain,
And mourned by all for their untimely passing,
Find peace in the divine realm,
Like bright stars against the dark sky,
Freed from earthly burdens,
They enter the cycle of life and death (Samsara).

Those who survive the ethnic onslaught Though fortunate to escape with their lives,
Experience a daily death in the face of hardship.
They suffer in heart and mind,
Their hopes and expectations also perish.

In the harsh reality of contemporary life,
Driven by relentless ethnic turmoil,
They abandon their homestead land,
Leaving behind their hard-earned possessions.
They flee and flee just to stay alive,
Their sole desire - survival
Yes, they are now alive and have endured,
With deep wounds and irreparable scars...

Can this be called a life?
A life filled with unending hardships.
From dusk till dawn in refugee camps, in despair.
When innocent children ask -
Mom, when will we return home?
Tears stream down their cheeks,
Their hearts ache, and emotions surge.
Minds become clouded, thoughts scattered.

Elections loom on the horizon.
What significance does it hold for the displaced?
Will they vote with their hearts
Or their conscience?
Their only hope -
To rebuild and find solace in their beloved home.
Will the election aid in their rehabilitation?
Will their shattered dreams ever be restored?
How long will they endure this never- ending anguish...