Myanmar issues guidelines for fellow citizens sheltering in India

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the National Unity Government issued a notification containing points to be strictly followed by Myanmar Nationals who, due to security concerns in their home country, are taking shelter in India.
The regulations are: (a) To refrain from any acts that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of India;
(b) To exercise caution and avoid involvement in any political and administrative matters (e.g., election campaigns and ethnic-based conflicts of the State where you are taking shelter);
(c) Strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of illegal trafficking of drugs, wild animals and related matters;
(d) To respect the host country and live in harmony and appropriately with the local communities, respect their religious practices and follow the social norms of the local jurisdiction in which one is residing.
2. Myanmar nationals, who may need to cross the border in the event of emergencies, including health and social matters are advised to cooperate with relevant governmental authorities and relevant Non-Governmental Organizations in India to ensure security and stability in the border areas.
3. In emergency hardship and challenges, Myanmar nationals are requested to reach out and seek assistance and support from civil society and philanthropic organizations assisting Myanmar refugees and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if necessary.
4. Myanmar civil society and philanthropic organizations assisting Myanmar refugees are kindly requested to disseminate this notification to relevant religious organizations, refugee camps, communities and civil body.
Reacting to the notification, Manipur CM N Biren Singh on his X handle wrote, "Entered for shelter but settled since 1962-63 - 1988 - 2006 onward till 2017-18 , then now from 2021 due to the present conflict in Myanmar. Before 2021 there was no checking and biometric collection, free for all because of 398 long unguarded border. And now Native peoples of Manipur are becoming minority."
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