Career counselling : A life guidance tool

Er Prabhat Kishore
(Contd from previous issue)
3. Offer guidance (group or individual sessions) on viable career options to students seeking to acquire skill, covering vocational and professional avenues, 4. Career counselling solution be available in multiple different regional languages for access to all interested candidates, 5. Offer technology-based solutions for smooth implementation across diverse regions along with Project Management Dashboard to view real time logins, assessments taken, Counselling facilitators created, and group/ individual counselling sessions conducted, 6. Capacity building of vocational trainers and other designated resources to act as counselling facilitators, 7. Resolving doubts and queries on career pathways and troubleshoot on tech-platform related issues through a dedicated helpline and support contact centre.
The candidates from in-school, school drop-out, out-of-education segment and others, on registration/ enrolment shall undergo a standardized solution, which covers the following essential components:
1. Career/ Livelihood knowledge base: A digital platform will be offered to all candidates to access detailed and relevant information for informed career choices and decisions.
(To be contd)