Lament of the Mourning Choir

Dr Asem Tomba Meetei
Mothers weep, a mournful choir,
For sons lost ‘neath war’s fierce pyre.
A gilded serpent seeks the throne,
On promises of dreams unknown.
Bribed with trinkets, shadows kneel,
Before a king whose heart is steel.
Wind whispers tales of battles won,
While rain weeps for a peace undone.
Where is the balm for souls that bleed?
Where is the hand to plant the seed
Of reconciliation, sweet and pure?
We see your mask, your schemes obscure!
Rise, heroes forged from this dark ground!
True leaders, let your voices sound!
With righteous might, this bane withstand,
Break the tyrant’s grasping hand!
Mothers, rise! Let courage bloom,
Resist the darkness, pierce the gloom!
Unfurl the flag of love and grace,
Teach them the path, the human race.
Let kindness be our guiding light,
And banish shadows of the night.