Sam Pitroda is absolutely white

Free Thinker
I could not understand why Sam Pitroda was almost expelled from Congress for making a near truth statement about the skin colors of Bharatiyas. Later, he himself stepped down from the Congress’s post of ‘Overseas Head’ though what he had uttered was more or less correct. According to Dr. Sam, people in the northeast look like Chinese i.e., the Mongoloid look; most of the South Indians are dark and dusky like the Africans. North Indians must be happy that he called them whites – but actually North Indians are wheatish – they are still using Fair & Lovely. Western Bharatiyas look like Arabs - tall and fair.
South Indians have become dark because they watch a lot of Sun TV, Surya TV and Udaya TV and they forget to apply sunscreen – a non-white comedian said so in a video which went viral worldwide. Arguing about skin color in this AI age sounds ridiculous. AI can make you as white as snow and as black as coal and as beautiful as a Barbie doll.
Perhaps the timing of such a remark matters – this is election time. People can exploit it for political mileage. It seems some parties have criticized not only Sam but also the entire Congress for being racist. These days, as a matter of fact the new generation is not very concerned about their skin color – they are more worried about their security, employment and comfy.
Uncle Sam is an intelligent chap and he knows what to say – this time he might have made such a statement to create a public storm in India and to do something at the back. He might be having something in his mind. Whether it has something to do with politics or not – we don’t know – but certainly we smell a rat when such an innocuous expression is made during the national election.
We are a very old civilization – our first primordial man Shiv was bluest in color (believed to be); it was perhaps because of his grass habit and poison drinking incident. Even Lord Krishna was considered dark. So, color of the skin was not that important in this sub-continent. Shiv ji is worshipped by millions and again Krishna ji is also adored by millions. We are crazy after dark or blue people, particularly the gopis.
Our Jubraj Tikendrajit was also dark in color (brave, patriotic and courageous)– perhaps many girls of those days might be crazy about him – nobody had written about it – but I can sense it. Beautiful Maipakpi had stood by his side though she knew that the war was over in favor of the Whites (1891 Anglo-Manipuri War).
Recently I was shown a portrait of my mother-in-law and father-in-law. A nice piece of work by a local artist. I couldn't confirm the true representation of my father-in-law's skin complexion because I didn't have the opportunity to see him alive - people around me have told me that he was very fair like the 'goras'; However, I saw my mother-in-law umpteen times before she left for her heavenly abode. The complexion of my mother-in-law in the portrait is slightly more whitened. But the authenticity of the jewellery worn is perfectly matched.
My bitter half tends to poke her nose whenever I jot down my gossip column particularly when some light-hearted references of her family are made. She often says ‘Do some constructive work instead of running people down'. She doesn't understand the complexities of skin complexion worldwide.  The world today has reluctantly accepted black beauties- only reflected in the recently conducted global beauty contests. You see uncle Sam is in trouble for speaking on skin color or looks. Amidst the controversy surrounding Sam’s presumed racist remark, the debate was further triggered with a similar utterance from Adhir da – there exists individuals of different classes in our country some resembling Mongolians others with varying skin tones which cannot be denied. He also fired another enigmatic statement claiming that there are people of N-type class. I am still pondering what this N-type is? If I meet him on the way I shall definitely ask him what it is.
Racist remarks are hurled here and there. These are non-issues. The basic issue is about eating and drinking. Water is no more a problem – everyone is drinking water and no one dies for want of water these days. It is a great achievement of the government – but the quality of potable water must be looked into. Food supply is still a problem. Free rice and wheat – we are getting as long as the Modi guarantee continues.
Forget about skin color, what about sabzi or curry! Northeast curry is very different from the sabzi of North Indians. And there is already a North-South dish divide. Even within the undivided Hindu culture we have vegetarians, non-vegetarians and radical non-vegetarians. Revolutionary non-vegetarians are found in the Northeast and South. Still, we live together harmoniously within the unique umbrella of Hindu way of life.
I really don’t know whether Mark Twain had said it or not but I am just quoting him as it is found interesting - “Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare.” It sounds good for all Bharatiyas.
The color of skin in this sub-continent is varied and beautiful. Likewise, the size and figure of nose is also myriad and mind-blowing; for instance, mine is big and flat – I wear spectacles not because I have eye issues but because of a nose problem.