Many found without land documents; MTU blames Revenue Dept

IMPHAL, May 11 : The Meetei (Meitei) Tribe Union has claimed that they have come across several Meiteis living without any land document in the five valley districts of Manipur and  blamed the Revenue Department and Directorate of Settlement and Land Records for the same.
The union, in a statement, said that they met several landless Meiteis while carrying out a survey in the five valley districts.
Claiming that many Meiteis becoming landless in their own State is largely the fault of the Revenue Department and Directorate of Settlement and Land Records, the union added that all  these landless Meiteis could have obtained land documents had the departments concerned carried out land survey and jarif regularly and on time.
Further stating that these landless Meiteis didn't get any benefits of amny Central and State Government schemes including housing loan as they don't possess any land documents, the union maintained that several youth from among these landless Meitei families also cannot submit application forms for some competitive examinations as they don't have land documents.
These inconveniences being faced by the Meitei which is considered as a major community in Manipur are not faced by those enlisted in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list of the Constitution, the union added.
Meiteis will become weaker and weaker and disappear one day if the ethnic group continues to live with all these limitations, the union forewarned and maintained that the fate of the Meiteis cannot be decided by a section of Meitei people who are from well off families or are in a better position.
Upliftment of the weaker section of the Meiteis is needed to strengthen the ethnic group as a whole, it said.
It is obvious for some of those Meiteis who cannot afford to buy land after losing their land to myriad factors such as expansions of families to start settling at a khasland, the union maintained and continued that some of these landless Meiteis have been found given fake land documents by insincere officials and people after taking hefty charges. All these problems couldn't have taken place had the department concerned carried out land survey regularly, it added.
Saying that Meetei (Meitei) Tribe Union has started organising an awareness programme on how to obtain land documents and the same  will be conducted across the State, the union appealed to local clubs and  others concerned to contact them if they want the awareness programme to be held at their locality.
Appealing to the landless people to fill up a land allotment form as per the guidelines given by the Government and submit them to the department concerned, the union appealed to all to support any course of actions taken up by the landless people if there is no positive response from the Government after  submitting the land allotment forms.