NE insurgents fight Myanmar rebels at Myo Thit


front photo
UKHRUL, May 11
An intense gun battle erup-ted between insurgent groups from Northeast India and Myanmar's rebel fac-tions, the PDF and KNF(B), near Myo Thit in Myanmar, close to Kamjong district along the Indo-Myanmar border.
Locals of Kamjong town said gunshots were heard initially when the clash erupted somewhere on May 7 and 8, and still continuing.
The clash reportedly, so far, resulted in casualties on both sides, claiming the lives of one PDF cadre and one KNF(B) cadre, while injuring at least 9 PDF cadres and some KNF(B) members. Additionally, two cadres from the Northeast insurgent groups and two Myanmar Army personnel also reportedly sustained injuries. Ukhrul Times has not been able to verify the exact insurgent groups involved from the Indian side, however, all sources indicate that it is the People's Liberation Army (PLA), an insurgent group active in the region.
According to sources, the PDF and KNF(B) cadres initiated the attack on a joint camp of the Northeast insurgent groups near the Myanmar Army Camp and Sagai National Army Camp in Myo Thit, under Sagaing Region.  Reports suggest that a significant number of PDF and KNF(B) cadres, equipped with sophisticated weapons, encircled the camp since Thursday, engaging in intense firing using RPGs and bombs over the course of three days. The intensity of the firing escalated this morning.
In response to the attack, the Myanmar Army reportedly conducted air-strikes against the PDF and KNF(B) positions. While cadres of the Northeast insurgent groups have evacuated to safer locations, the situation remains volatile as intermittent firing continues in the area.
It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister of Manipur on May 8, 2024 stated [over X] that "The [Manipur] Government has detected a total of 5457 illegal immigrants in Kamjong District, Mani-pur as on May 7th, 2024. Out of the total, the bio-metric data of 5173 such illegal immigrants have been collected so far. Deportation process is under- way. We have been giving humanitarian aides to all the illegal immigrants who were detected so far. Despite being an alarming situation, we have been handling it with utmost sensitivity." Ukhrul Times