Tips to avoid melting makeup in summer months

Shahnaz Husain

It’s summertime and to keep makeup intact in the scorching heat is a big task.
With the sun blazing right upon us, the severe heatwave and sweat often lead to bad body odour, melting foundation, sticky skin and sweat trickling down your face. There's nothing worse than spending time perfecting your look only to have it slide off your face the moment you step outside.
The harmful rays can not only melt your make-up and end up making you look more dull but they can also damage your skin by penetrating deep into it.   Due to heat, there is water loss from the body leading to dehydration, more sweat and more oil.
Learning how to prevent makeup from melting in hot weather is important to look your best even on warm, humid days.
From opting for waterproof, sweatproof products to correctly prepping your face before applying makeup, there are ways to ensure that your foundation, contouring, and highlighting will stay in place, even through the sweat by making some significant changes in your makeup routine to prevent makeup from melting off into nothingness.
The golden rule for summer makeup is “soft, delicate and very sparing.” Water-based and powder make-up items are better during summer. Waterproof make-up cosmetics are also available. For example, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners will prevent eye makeup from running during the hot and humid season. Waterproof or water-resistant lip colours and lip liners are also available. Or, go for matte (non-shiny) lipstick and add just a dab of gloss in the centre for a delicious pout.
1) Always begin with a clean face : Cleansing the skin with plenty of cool water before make-up is most important. Use your face cleanser to get rid of all the excess oil and refresh your skin.  After cleansing, use chilled rose water to tone and cool the skin. This is not only refreshing but also helps to close the pores. Dip cotton wool pads in it and wipe the skin. Also, pat briskly on the skin to stimulate circulation and add a glow. If the skin is oily, apply an astringent lotion, using cotton wool.
2) Blotting paper
Blotting papers can be your best friend if you tend to sweat on the face.  Keep blotting paper handy to slick off any excess oil over the face or T-zone and be ready for touch-ups ! They are great at absorbing shine, oil, and sweat and keeping your makeup looking great.
Apply a loose powder in key areas where makeup tends to disappear first, such as around the nostrils, T-zone, and under the eyes. For extra security, use a finishing spray.
3) The fewer products you use, the better your makeup will stay on throughout the day, keeping it easier to maintain in hot weather.
Make sure your makeup is minimal and lightweight to keep up with the easy breezy vibe of the summer season ! Avoid rich, thick moisturizers, heavy concealers and foundations that would easily melt off and opt for a lighter formula that contains sunscreen. Your skin will feel less sticky and be able to breathe more easily if you wear less makeup.
Use products that are multi-functional, which works as a moisturiser, spf and foundation all in one. Make sure the SPF is above 30 and has a broad spectrum
4) Go for waterproof mascara
Use mascara wisely. First, swipe a few coats of non-waterproof mascara. Then a coat or two of waterproof mascara to save yourself from the embarrassment and sticks to your eyelids even on a hot and sweaty day
This way, there won’t be any smudges on top and it will be easy to clean the makeup off your lashes when you get back home  
5) Invest in a good primer
Waterproof primer is the most ideal in the hot summer season . Look for a primer that hydrates the face and helps cool down the skin. Use one which has hyaluronic acid to soften lines and blur imperfections. it can help you stay cool. The less you sweat, the less damage is done to your makeup.  You can also try adding a splash of a naturally-cooling essential oil, like peppermint, to keep your face cool. Just make sure to dilute any essential oil you use with a carrier oil, like olive oil, before applying it to your face.
6) Tips to make your make-up last longer in summer : Use waterproof make-up in summer to cope with perspiration.
Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and wipe the face with it, just for a few seconds. This helps to close the pores.
For oily skin, apply astringent lotion with cotton wool, to close pores and reduce oiliness. After a few minutes, apply a water-based foundation, blending with a damp sponge for a smooth finish. Add a drop or two of water, before applying, to provide a lighter coverage. Then apply powder to “set” the foundation.
When you apply powder, press the powder all over the face and neck, with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer.
Use powder eye shadows and powder blush-on.
If you use kajal, after applying it on the lower lid, just below the eyelashes, apply a line of grey or brown eyeshadow over it. This prevents smudging and helps makeup last longer.
Blot the makeup with a tissue. Applying foundation on the lips before helps lipstick last longer.
The author is an internationally famed beauty expert and is called the herbal queen of India